5 Beautiful Gifts for a Stress-free Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you beautiful, style-loving mamas. We at Teaselwood Design want you to know something:

You might not have it all together, but you are everything to your children. You might feel like a mess in a dress (or in sweatpants, if we're being real). You might wonder if you're being the best mom you can be or if you should try harder. You probably lose sleep worrying about your little babes, even when they're 17 years old. Your home might be chaotic despite your best efforts to wrangle it-and that's okay. We give you permission to be imperfect, to be human.

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This Buttery Yellow Bedroom will Make You Melt

Spring is in full swing here at Teaselwood Design and we have the pictures to prove it. Recently, a client asked us to makeover a guest bedroom in her 1800s farmhouse. Because the room was transitioning from her daughter's bedroom into a guest room, we had to find a design that would appeal not only to a guest but also to our client's daughter, who would still occasionally use the room. She wanted something airy and just a bit whimsical without being over-the-top.

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