The Design Plans: Farmhouse Bathroom

The Design Plans: Farmhouse Bathroom


This first-of-its-kind  bathroom remodel package includes  specifications choices that we used to recreate the gorgeous design of this bathroom in your own home! It includes everything from the actual floor plan with dimensions, to all of the paint colors we used, to where each item can be purchased. 

Remodel Plan Includes:

  • Floor Plan

  • Elevation of Exterior of Shower Window Wall

  • Materials list that includes items used in the bathroom i.e. tile, lighting, flooring, cabinets, etc.

What is not included: Step by step instructions on how this was built. We recommend that you use licensed and insured contractors for your own remodel.

This package is used to guide you through your own remodel process with inspiration of how we handled our renovation of our farmhouse bathroom. We are not responsible for any of the choices or decisions you make on your own projects.

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