Rustic Towels or Couche Cloth

Rustic Towels or Couche Cloth


These wonderfully heavy, 100% rustic and organic linen tea towels or couche cloths are perfect for baking bread. They’re constructed of heavyweight European flax linen and made in Central NY.

A couche is for baking bread, used to cover your loaves before they are transferred to stone in the hot oven. The well-floured linen makes a maneuverable non-stick surface for your loaf. It can be pulled up between several long loaves to separate them as they rise. It can also be folded over the top to cover your dough. Let’s get baking!

Made in the USA of European Linen
Material: 100% Heavy Weight Rustic Textured Linen

Size: 30" l x 19"w

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