Local Honey

Local Honey


Our raw honey is produced for us from a local apiary located in upstate NY. Our beekeeper searches the country side looking for fields of local groupings of plants to put his hives near so that he can get the best flavor from nature. Spring through fall the 70 hives produce a range of varietal honeys.

Our honey is ‘Raw Honey’, meaning our honey has never been heated or filtered. honey is strained through a coarse strainer to remove chunks of wax and then allowed to settle overnight in a large tank. After settling, the honey is bottled in glass jars. The honey will crystallize in a few days to a few months depending on the floral source of the nectar. To re-liquify, merely place the jar in warm water or about 3-4 feet from a woodstove until the honey returns to liquid form. Do not heat the honey above about 112 degrees as this will damage the flavor and enzymes contained in the honey.

Our beekeeper has chosen to follow a strict protocol of not using mite treatments, antibiotics or plastic frame components in his hives, there is no use of sugar syrup to the colonies as is such common practice of late.

size: 12 oz.




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