Oval Teardrop Wood Spoon

Oval Teardrop Wood Spoon


Aesthetically pure and inherently beautiful are the best words to describe these handcrafted OvalTeardrop Wood Spoons.  

Each Teardrop Spoon features an oval, egg-shaped head balanced by an elongated teardrop-shaped handle. . This artisan tool will prove itself to be a dependable and well-loved feature of your gourmet kitchen as you reach for it time and time again. Our artists uses locally sourced timbers to create these  contemporary perfection. 

Size: Approximately12" long by 1 7/8" wide
Wood: Maple or Walnut

Care Instructions: Wash in warm soapy water after use, dry immediately. Do not submerge or put in dishwasher. To help prevent cracks and warping, use wood balm regularly to maintain woods beautiful finish

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