Teaselwood Farm Maple Syrup

Teaselwood Farm Maple Syrup


We’re talking REAL gourmet maple syrup, none of that phony bologna, High Fructose Corn Shenanigans, Aunt Jemima versus Bisquick business. Real. Maple. Syrup. There truly is no substitute.

We get ours exclusively packaged for us from a family-owned and operated maple tree farm in Vermont (the nation’s leading producer of maple syrup, by the way, so they KNOW what they’re doing) that’s been around since 1920.

The season only lasts a measly 4-6 weeks – good thing we’ll have the liquid gold bottled up for the year, ready at a moment’s notice for those lazy Saturday morning pancake breakfasts with the fam huddled around the kitchen island. Ahh, aren’t those the best?

8 oz clear glass bottle.

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