Press + Praise

Charity is pleasure to work with! At this point, I have used her to design almost every room in my house. She’s a hands-on designer with great ideas and an unbelievable team to make sure her concept comes to life as planned. I love how responsive she is when I have questions or concerns and she even met with my architect and builder to go over ideas and to help them tailor the design and layout of the house to meet our tastes. The bottom line is that Charity is second to none.
— Eric
I hired Charity to redesign the dining room in my historic 1905 Dutch colonial house. I’m a professional in the architecture industry and so it was important to me that I find a designer who would honor the history of my home while still giving it a modern flair. Charity did that and so much more! She was an absolute joy to work with on a day-to-day basis. She is a great listener and she valued my input. Aesthetically, her design is bold yet timeless and she is gifted with color, texture and pattern in a way I think few designers are. She has that “it” factor we’re all looking for in a designer. My dining room is now absolute perfection and I feel like a queen when I enter it each evening!
— Sarah


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