Meet Andy and Charity Buchika, their son, and two border collies. They are pictured on their farm, Teaselwood, in Skaneateles, New York.

About Teaselwood Design

We get asked all the time where the Teaselwood name comes from, so here’s the story:

Once upon a time, Charity ran a design business under a different name. She loved her work and she loved her clients – but the fancy, designer-y name just didn’t fit.

It made her feel like she was running around in shoes that didn’t fit... and frankly, she’s pretty big on wearing comfy – yet stylish! – shoes.

She chose the name because it seemed marketable. But that name – and the image that came with it - said she was a big shot. It said she had the market cornered on aspirational, extravagant décor. It said she was the kind of designer who would come into your home and tell you what to do.

Which is all fine, except that none of those things are true of Charity.

In fact, Charity is a designer who listens to her clients and values their input. She honors the history of older homes while giving them designs fit for modern living. She even gives brand new homes a warm, collected, welcoming look and feel.

She’s patient, caring, responsive, and utterly professional.

And so she decided to change the business’s name.

At about the same time, we moved to our lovely little hobby farm in Skaneateles (pronounced ‘skinny atlas’ if you aren’t familiar with it) in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Charity grew up there in a shingled farmhouse that was once part of a1830s teasel farm (for you non-New Englanders, a teasel is a flowering plant that looks something like a thistle and was once farmed for use in carding wool).  Moving back to the area was a way for us to slow down and take the time to savor this beautiful life just a little more.

Hence, both the farm and the business became “Teaselwood” – ‘teasel’ in honor of Charity’s childhood home and ‘wood’ because it just sounded right.

Suddenly, the shoes fit.

Charity started designing homes for her clients using a unique aesthetic that’s something like Modern Farmhouse meets New England Prep meets Lake Cottage meets California Style.

Andy – who is a master carpenter – was working at the time in the construction industry, but he longed for more creativity and artistry in his work. We built a barn on our property that became his workshop and he started making what are now highly sought-after farm table designs. Charity also put him to work handcrafting millwork, cabinets, stair rails, and anything else her clients needed for their homes’ designs.

And by the way, if you need a timber frame he’s your man.

Now he stays covered in sawdust  – and he loves every minute of it!

Fast-forward to today and we’re a true husband-and-wife-team working as experts in our craft. We have a combined 30 years’ experience in interior design and master carpentry that includes all the requisite formal training and an expansive portfolio to boot.

We’re committed to design solutions that respond perfectly to our clients’ needs and tastes, and we make sure to infuse every project with unsurpassed attention to the details – all the little things that make your custom creations truly unique reflections of your personality.

There may not be a catchy name for our style, but it brings together the perfect with the imperfect in the same spaces using high quality, to-the-trade furnishings alongside handcrafted artisanal and vintage items. In the homes we create, kids can be kids and dogs can be dogs. The casual elegance we achieve lets you entertain in style and kick off your shoes to relax in equal measure.

With our experience and expertise, we’ll make your house feel like the most beautiful, comfy shoes that fit you and your family to a ‘T.’ And if you want, we could probably even give it a really cool new name!

Let us help you bring your home to life in a whole new way.



about charity buchika

The principal and founder of Teaselwood Design, Charity Buchika has more than two decades of interior design expertise spanning both residential and commercial projects of all sizes. With a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Marymount College, she's NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) certified and an active member of the American Society of Interior Designers. In addition to a beautiful portfolio featuring projects sprinkled across the country from Colorado to New Hampshire and New York to Florida, Charity is a proud mom to the world's coolest little boy (plus two border collies), a lover of handcrafted wares, and passionate about the soulful beauty of nature. When she's not working on her next great design or sourcing materials for an upcoming project, she can often be found paddle boarding or hiking.


about andy buchika

New Hampshire born and raised, Andy Buchika brings several years of experience working alongside both a master timber framer in Colorado and a master carpenter in Wisconsin to the work bench. Before turning his sights on cabinetry and furniture, he honed his skills through timber framing and building a spec home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. In addition to his love of carpentry, Andy is an avid windsurfer, mountain biker, skier and vegetable gardener.