“New Old” Cottage Guest House Reveal Part 1 - The ground floor

Our clients came to us wanting help to design a new guest cottage on their lakeside property. They, of course, wanted it to be comfortable for guests, but they wanted the cottage’s footprint to be kept as small as possible while including as much storage as possible.

That meant using every space creatively, finding clever ways to tuck storage in anywhere and everywhere we could and making sure not a single square foot of space was wasted.

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"New Old" Cottage Guest House Reveal Part 2 - The Top Floor

This was such a fun client project for us to tackle! Small spaces are always challenging (and particularly when they need to be highly functional as this little guest cottage by the lake does). But problem solving is kind of our thing, so - challenge accepted!

This was a new build (the “Old” part of “New Old” comes from our clients’ request that we make it look and feel like it’s been there forever, slowly evolving over time). The main goal was to keep the cottage’s footprint as small as possible while adding as much storage as possible. And since it's going to play host to a parade of guests at all ages and stages, the finishes, furnishings and textiles need to wear well.

 We employed some clever storage solutions and used indoor/outdoor products throughout the house to meet those needs, then leaned on a fresh blue and white color palette, stylish area rugs and just about the coolest light fixtures ever to make each room truly special.

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This fresh, modern kitchen started life as a 1700s tavern

It’s true! Long before we got our hands on it, this small-but-mighty kitchen led a much-remodeled life, first as an 18th century tavern and later as a private home.

When the current owners came to us, it was a dark and dated 1980s-style space. It did the job as far as cooking was concerned, but it wasn’t pleasant or efficient for the family to use.

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Deck the Halls with Tons of Flowers: A unique mantle decorating idea for the holidays

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like I'm deep in the holiday spirit a little earlier than usual. 


You'd think with how early Thanksgiving was this year, none of us would be ready to face Christmas yet, but it's definitely had the opposite effect on me. Of course, our early heavy snowstorm here in Skaneateles may have played a role in things too, but I feel like I actually have time to enjoy prepping for the holidays, as opposed to our usual speeding through it all and basically just hanging on for dear life!

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