Our Take: The Top 10 Design Trends for Spring

The wonderful folks over at The Coastal Table magazine asked us to weigh in on the top design trends we're seeing this spring, Of course, you should definitely grab a copy of the magazine so you won't miss one bit of their artful take on savoring all the best of the coastal lifestyle...

But until you get that in your hands, here's a taste of what we shared with them.


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Flowers Set the Mood: Arrangements for a Moody, Romantic Dinner Party

Nevermind that we just had two nearly apocalyptic snowstorms here in Skaneateles - and that we currently have a forecast for more snow all week long!

My mind is set firmly on springtime, which also means I'm longing for vases and vases of blooms fresh from the garden!

And that all got me thinking about how much the mood we're trying to set when we entertain is impacted by the types of flowers we use.

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