I loved working with my client to create this playroom for her three young girls.  She already had a great vision to create a beach house feel without being too kitschy. The space was awesome, virtually a blank slate with great ceiling height, light, and floors.


Our jumping-off point for the color scheme of the space is when my client found a great photo of turquoise velvet fabric that she was head over heels with.  We wanted to keep the space young and fresh but to be able to grow with the girls. Storage was a big concern, and so we utilized as much storage space in the built-in as possible. Durable furnishings and surfaces were the other challenges that were a must for the room.


We loved bringing in touches of the girls personalities with artwork and some of their great toys. We brought in beach influence with the woven hemp chandelier, fabrics and the pickled shiplap on the walls.


Texture and color are a huge part of what makes this space work, using a very neutral backdrop makes these color pop. Multiple textures from the rug, walls and fabric gives the room a lot of interest but keeps it from getting too crazy or kiddie.


The owner commissioned this artwork to bring her farm roots to the space.


Here are 5 tips on creating a stylish playroom:

  1. Pop of color from fabrics to accessories.

  2. Bring kids’ personalities to the space by displaying their artwork.

  3. Not all toys need to be behind closed doors, look at great graphic elements the blocks create.

  4. Think about different textures in the room from the walls fabrics, and floors.

  5. Durable treatments- have your fabrics stain guarded or use indoor-outdoor fabrics. Wipeable surfaces go a long way.

Don’t have any kid art yet?  Try a Year of Art, this is a great idea is from my sister-in-law who is presently working on this with her two-year-old.


  • Canvas from craft store any size she used a 16” x 20.”

  • Paint- Any kind, we think washable is best.

  • Paint brushes multiple sizes.

Goal: is to have the child continually paint the canvas for a year layering upon each painting exploration. Encourage them to paint any way that moves them.

She keeps the canvas hanging on the walls in their toy room.  Whenever it is a rainy day, or they are in the mood, she brings it down so he can work on it. It is a perfect way to bring your child’s personality into the room and create a wonderful keepsake for yourself

We love to hear new ideas! How have your created a space for your children

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All photos: Alice G Patterson Photography