Teaselwood Custom Cabinetry: What makes us different? / by charity buchika

So you’re looking to invest in your dream kitchen. How exciting! Before you head to the nearest home improvement store, consider going custom with Teaselwood Design’s custom cabinetry services.

We at Teaselwood Design are passionate about our beautiful, handcrafted woodwork. Designing and building custom cabinets, built-ins, mantels and furniture – whatever your heart desires, whatever suits your unique space and personality most efficiently – that’s our specialty. Whether it’s completely new construction or a kitchen remodel, we’ve got you covered. Another thing that sets us apart is we offer in-house design, project management and installation teams that are top-notch, working with you from initial concept to completion to create the space of your dreams.

Let’s talk features and benefits of custom cabinetry vs. your average home improvement store selection or your run of the mill cabinet store.


When you work with Teaselwood Design for your custom cabinetry needs, you’re guaranteed the following:


Professional expertise: At the helm of our Cabinet and Furniture team is our incredibly talented master craftsman Andy Buchika. Andy’s professional woodworking experience includes working alongside both a master timber framer and carpenter in Colorado and a master carpenter in Wisconsin. Before turning his sights on cabinetry and furniture, he honed his skills building a timber frame home on Steamboat Springs. Andy is known for his impeccably designed cabinetry, masterfully handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail in our workshop.

Solid, sturdy construction: We use 3/4" domestic plywood on all the casework. Think: solid and sturdy; sure to safely uphold that beautiful family heirloom china collection of yours.

FSC certification: The Forest Stewardship Council (or FSC) guarantee means that your product is constructed of lumber from a forest where environmentally responsible and socially beneficial forestry is practiced. We all want to do our duty to protect and preserve the planet for our kids after all, right?

Support of the local economy: We strongly believe in supporting local businesses and therefore use locally sourced hardwoods. Again, forget that chain home improvement store and support your beloved CNY!

Formaldehyde-free plywood: We also believe in doing what’s best for you and your family and use only formaldehyde-free plywood.

A selection unlike any other: We offer the most durable and highest quality finishes available, as well as custom colors and unique and different woods. We even work with recycled and reclaimed products wherever possible. Overall? A larger selection in terms of the look and feel of your finished product than what you’ll find anywhere else.

Seamless cabinets for more accessibility: We make full-run cabinets so they can be one piece without seams or frames. This look grants a sleek, simple yet contemporary aesthetic that is super versatile to fit any room and also offers more accessibility.

Custom size boxes to maximize your space: We offer custom size rather than standard size allowing us to maximize every last inch of your space. Because we are to the inch we do not have to produce extra filler pieces and trim pieces which add cost to your total project.

Convenient, one-stop shopping: It’s simple: We. Do. It. All. Our in-house design service means one-stop shopping and plucks the hassle of the dreaded middle man from the equation. Why drop the middle man? This equals less mistakes and a lower cost to you, PLUS better quality control overall. Win, win, win. Drop the chain store, drop the middle man, feel the love.


Ready to embark upon that kitchen cabinetry project you’ve been mulling over for a while now? Fantastic! Give us a shout! We would love to come visit your home and talk shop. Talk options. Talk fresh ideas and professional insight to make your ideal kitchen a reality, a space you’ll adore gathering in for years to come. We promise to be 110% better in terms of your product options, design service – heck, experience overall! – than a big box home improvement store. This is what we live to do, after all, and we love every minute of it. Let us put our expertise to work for you – contact us today!



Photos: Alice G Patterson Photography