Staying Healthy the Farmhouse Way / by charity buchika

Let’s all stay healthy the farmhouse way!

The dreaded flu. The Norovirus. Sinus infections. We try to combat all of these and more at our house this time each year – the bugs of winter, rearing their ugly, contagious heads as soon as the icy white stuff has locked us indoors. Well fear not. We’re here to share a tip from the all natural farmhouse way of life.

One of the best and easiest ways we’ve found to help fight off germ season here at Teaselwood Farm is quite simple…



No, really. That silky-sweet, golden-gooey-goodness boosts your immune system making you less apt to get sick in the first place and lessens the symptoms of your illness if a bug should take hold. Nature’s tasty little miracle worker is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antibacterial. It’s also anti-bland, making everything extra delicious with just a teaspoon. And, what’s more, if you use local honey, it helps your body fight against seasonal allergies! (Pretty cool, right?)


So the next time you feel the sniffles coming on, pour yourself a nice hot mug (check out our adorable stoneware ones available at the shop for super sweet sipping) of your favorite tea, squeeze juice from a fresh lemon directly into it (read: lemon is loaded with Vitamin C and also lessens the strength of your cold or flu virus!) and dip a heaping spoonful of honey into it. And if you’re near our neck of the woods, our wildflower honey  is just right for you as it’s locally sourced from a small apiary nestled in Upstate NY! With a blend of late summer flowers – golden rod, purple asters and basswood – it is truly a treat.

We even offer a couple quaint gift sets, one featuring our honey and a hand-thrown stoneware honey pot and dipper, and the other, a farmhouse tea gift box with a stoneware mug, tea infuser and organic Chamomile tea if you’re looking to brighten someone under the weather’s day.


Stay healthy, friends! Hold tight, Spring is almost here…



Photos: 2,3,& 4 Alice G Patterson

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