Happy First Week of Spring from Teaselwood Design! / by charity buchika

The birds are chirping so very happily it’s nearly impossible to ignore it…SPRING. IS. HERE.

Thank goodness!

And to celebrate this most joyous, blooming and bright time of year, we decided we’d share a few ideas for pretty wreaths and home décor that we whipped up here at the farm. We hope these little ditties inspire you to create your own nook of springy delight wherever you see fit in your own home.


Dining room mantelquick refresh for Spring.


You will be seeing these cute little glass vases in the shop very soon perfect for a bud or two. 


These was a super easy tulip project that took no time to put together.


  • galvanized low pan (we found this one at Michaels)

  • Forced tulips from the grocery store

  • Moss

  • Snail we found this cute little guy at Terrain or any other cute little decorative ditty.

  • Easter Eggs our blog post from last week has all the details

  • Soil
    We added the soil to the bottom of the pan maybe 2/3 up and planted the tulips. We covered it with the moss and added the decorative details. Voila you have an amazing mantel or centerpiece for spring.


If you have any questions about any of the specifics of how these were assembled, please don’t hesitate to comment and ask below!

Happy first days of spring, everyone!