About The Designer and Craftsman / by charity buchika

“This just in: We’re featured in Skaneateles Life Magazine this month! How cool is that?! We’re so honored as we truly love our community. Check out the article here.”

Charity. That’s the best, most accurate way to describe Teaselwood Design’s interior design. They give to rooms in need. In need of what, you ask? A little pizazz. A little personality. A little life. Oh, and Charity just so happens to be the name of the principal and founder of Teaselwood Design, too, conveniently enough.


About three miles outside the village of Skaneateles, Charity Buchika can be found in her chic farmhouse drafting innovative plans for her clients’ spaces as well as new homeware lines for her online boutique (stocked with hand-thrown stoneware, modern farmhouse home décor and adorable paper accessories). Her partner in crime, if you can call implementing gorgeous design one space at a time a crime at all, that is, is her husband, Andy Buchika, Teaselwood’s master craftsman, executing heirloom-quality handcrafted pieces like farmhouse tables and custom cabinetry.


Simple. Clean. Timeless. Charity’s designs encompass all of this while still capturing the essence of her clients’ personality and family life. “A reflection of their lifestyle,” as she describes it. Her extensive background in real estate, over 20 years of design experience and her portfolio showcasing a plethora of residential and commercial projects sprinkled all over the country? Well, they all point to one thing: She knows what she’s doing and she does it well. (Ok, two things.) She and Andy, master woodworker, joined forces in 2013, establishing Teaselwood Design and honing their love for remodeling and design. By featuring custom cabinetry and furniture, the duo literally turns clients’ dreams into reality. They often incorporate reclaimed and recycled products paired with high quality hardware and industrial grade finishes, setting the stage for treasured family heirlooms. Bottom line: Teaselwood is centered around the idea of “home” and like the concept of “home”, Charity and Andy’s one-of-a-kind design and made-to-order pieces last a lifetime.


When they’re not out transforming run-of-the-mill rooms into amazing spaces, the family of outdoor enthusiasts including their eight-year-old son and two border collie companions are out paddle boarding across Skaneateles Lake – or skiing, hiking, wind surfing, mountain biking and participating in every other athlete-meets-nature-lover-activity known to man. Connecting with nature keeps their creative juices flowing and their souls happy.


If you’re in the market for interior design chutzpah or a complete overhaul, or searching for a special handcrafted gift you’ll find nowhere else, please visit Teaselwood Design.


Charity + Andy

photos: Alice G Patterson Photography