DIY Mother’s Day Gratitude Tree / by charity buchika

“A mother’s love is like the tree of life. Strong in spirit, peaceful, wise and beautiful.” –American Proverb


In honor of Mother’s Day, why not create a gorgeous display to show Mama just how much you care and appreciate her? A gratitude tree is not only simple to make but incredibly meaningful. It’s the perfect (read: EASY!) Father-and-Son-Bonding activity by the way, or one you, as the Mama, can facilitate with your kids. (Email us your husband/boyfriend/significant other’s cell number and we’ll text a link to this blog post directly to him. Hint hint. Wouldn’t that be nice?)

 The big idea behind the pretty little tree? Quite simply, there is never enough gratitude expressed to moms to thank them for all they do day in and day out. Being a mom is the hardest job on earth, after all. So the tree kind of popped into my brain as a sweet way to pinpoint all the ways your mom makes you smile. Oh, and it just so happens to make a charming centerpiece too!


What You’ll Need:

  • Flowering quince tree or cherry blossom branches, real or artificial. (Or, if you have some beautiful branches to prune in your own backyard, go for it and use those bad boys! Otherwise, the artificial ones can be purchased at Pottery Barn or Target.)

  • Fabric pennants (The little flags used here are fabric banners that I found in a pack at Michaels.)

  • Thin ribbon

  • Silver permanent marker or pen

  • A vase

  • Scissors


 What To Do:

The craft process itself is quite simple: My son and I had a sweet little conversation about what he loves about me and all that I do for him (bring a box of tissues if you do it this way) and we then wrote it down on the tiny banners. (Sounds so terrible for me, right? Ha! It’s going down as one of my favorite one-on-one moments with my son!) I then used a ribbon to tie each one on a different branch. The gorgeous glass vase holding it all together is from our shop.


 Voila! A sentimental keepsake that warms your (and/or your mama’s) heart every time you glance in its direction.


 Bonus: This little tree is a perfect craft for Thanksgiving too – you can adapt the theme to cover everything your family is thankful for and take that approach to the cards of gratefulness.

Enjoy every second of Mother’s Day season, fellow mamas! You’ve earned it. You deserve it. You. Are. Loved.

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photos: Alice G Patterson Photography