How to Make Your Own Fresh Wreath this Holiday Season / by charity buchika


Here at Teaselwood, there's nothing better for marking the official start of the holidays than hanging a gorgeous fresh wreath on our front door.

While the ready-made wreaths you find at your local Christmas tree lot or plant nursery can be lovely, there's no telling how long they've been sitting around.

We've definitely experienced the disappointment of getting one home only to have it start to turn brown a day or two later. Bah humbug!

By making your own, you'll know it's the absolute freshest. And don't worry - it's actually much easier to put one together than you think!


Here's what you'll need:

A grapevine wreath - whatever size you prefer, but remember that the finished wreath will be slightly larger once you get it all put together

2-3 different varieties of fresh greenery - we chose blue spruce and juniper clipped from our backyard


Berries - juniper or holly berries work beautifully, but this year, we used red hypericum berries, which we found at the grocery store for around $4/ bunch

Fresh roses in 2 sizes - we snipped a few in red and white from our garden

Green florist's wire

Brown florist's wire

Wire cutters

Ribbon or bows (optional)

Begin by laying everything out on the grapevine wreath, tweaking the arrangement before securing anything.

Once you get the look you want, snap a picture with your phone to refer to while wiring everything together in case you forget how you laid things out.

Next, wire the greenery around two-thirds of the wreath, leaving the other third empty for an asymmetrical look (you'll want to use the green wire for the greenery, rose stems, and berry stems and the brown wire for the pinecones).


Wire some of the smaller roses and all of the larger ones on top of the greenery, bunching them together near the middle of the greenery portion of the wreath.


Now wire on the rest of the roses, spreading them out in a slightly 'scattered' pattern


Finish by wiring on the berries and pinecones. Add ribbon or bows if desired.


See how easy that was?!

Post a picture of the wreath you made on Instagram and tag us - @teaselwooddesign!

Photos: Whitney Nichols Photography