How to Create a Luxurious Master Suite in an Attic / by charity buchika


Recently at Teaselwood, we had the honor (and great delight) of taking our client's storage attic from an unused, dusty space to a gorgeously renovated master suite. We started with a complete gut of the attic and our clients worked magic with the exterior to keep it true to the home's past. 

Our client wanted something that flowed well with the Victorian aura of this home while also incorporating a little East Coast preppy/beach vibe.

Meet the Master Suite in the Attic

We focused on sea blue, gray, white,  and cream. We used shiplap on the walls and ceiling (for the beach vibe) and trimmed it properly with wide baseboards (true to the home's Victorian heritage).

Color Palette via  Design-Seeds  | Photo by @LBTOMA

Color Palette via Design-Seeds | Photo by @LBTOMA

Large windows and strategically placed wall sconces and lamps flood this attic master suite with light, making it feel as ethereal as any space on the lower levels.

Using a variety of patterns and fabrics, we were able to achieve the care-free beach aesthetic our client dreamed of, and using porcelain vases, we were able to give a respectable nod to the Victorian era at the same time keeping it fresh.

The Master Bathroom

No suite is complete without a private, luxurious bathroom, and this attic space has it all.

With a free-standing bath tub in the perfect little alcove, built-in linen storage, and a double sink with a marble countertop, this bathroom's quaint aesthetic is unforgettable.

At Teaselwood Design, we get really excited about creating beautiful and inviting spaces for our clients and their families. We work closely with you to design a home that's all about the little details, designed with your lifestyle in mind. Contact us about your project today.