50 Shades of Blue for One Gorgeous Cottage Makeover | Part II / by charity buchika

In Part I of this blog series, we toured the sitting room and nook of this charming lakeside cottage. Now, we're revealing the living and dining rooms in all their subdued, nautical glory. 

Our client's cottage is always full of laughter, people, bare feet, wet bathing suits, and furry paws. We took this into consideration when sourcing fabrics and rugs, knowing that each would be tested to the limit.

The end result? A beautiful cottage that can withstand a hurricane of hosting, celebrating, and living.

House Tour: The Dining Room

House Tour: The Living Room

This living room stole our hearts right away. The L-shaped sofa in deep sea blue, throw pillows of various prints and colors, and a rug the color of the summer sky make this space so soothing.

At Teaselwood Design, we get really excited about creating beautiful and inviting spaces for our clients and their families. We work closely with you to design a home that's all about the little details, designed with your lifestyle in mind. 

All Photos:  Alice G Patterson     for Teaselwood Design