How to Set the Perfect Summer Party Table / by charity buchika

Setting the perfect summer table really does make the food taste better--we tried it! By creating layers of texture through cloth napkins, woven placements, and ceramics, you can create a beautiful table display in minutes.

Here's how we created this nautical, festive summer table:

The place setting

We carefully selected various materials and elements for each place setting, including the following:

  • Natural, woven placemats
  • Ceramic dishware (blue and white, to match the aesthetic of the room)
  • Cloth napkins (patterned, but not too busy)
  • Stainless utensils
  • Elegant glassware

Each setting is identical and is spaced equally, allowing plenty of elbow room. If you have more guests that what your table allows, we suggest extending your table or adding a second table rather than crowding everyone around one table.

The seating

Mismatched seating keeps this table setting from becoming too formal or boring. with white wicker chairs on each end and wooden chairs that match the table flanking both sides. This varied seating arrangement is made congruent through the matching seat cushions.

The centerpiece

Adding a centerpiece takes this table from "everyday dinner" to full out "dinner party." We added a wide-mouth ceramic vase, a fresh bouquet, and several matching candle holders to keep the design simple.

If you want more oomph, you could also add a table runner made of natural fibers or of a fabric that coordinates with the cloth napkins. 


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