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Happy Valentine's Month! That's right - I'm extending my celebration, partly so I can introduce you to one of my favorite collaborators for photo projects.

In case you didn't already know, I'm a photo stylist as well as an interior designer, so what you see here on the Farmhouse Blog is pretty much always styled either completely or in large part by me.

But since it's always more fun to work with other creative professionals (and I love helping to promote their businesses for them), I work on brand collaborations every chance I get. Remember this collaboration?

Today, I want you to meet Hannah Bender and Steven Decker of Graft (, one of my very favorite food blogs.  These folks and the work they do together just warms my heart.

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Hannah and Steven make the most amazing dishes from grilled oysters to gravlax with simple, fresh ingredients - which is just how we like our food here at Teaselwood.

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Seriously - doesn't that look so delicious?!?!

They used our Heart Cutting Board for these yummy breakfast images.

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Oh to wake up to those pancakes on my table!

I met Hannah because she was one of my very first customers in the Teaselwood shop. She bought one of our French rolling pins, which she raves about to this day.  She says it's one of her favorite pieces.

Aww, thanks, Hannah!

I love that Hannah and Steven are a husband and wife team in their business, just like Andy and I, and that they place a high value on buying local (which is why their food always looks so fresh and beautiful).

Their images are pure art.

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Every now and again, you can spot a little something from the Teaselwood shop on Graft, like here, or even this entire post.

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Now that you've 'met' Hannah and Steven, you can follow them on their blog and on Instagram (@graftjournal) and enjoy their very Teaselwood-like way of slowing down and nourishing their souls with fresh, simple, beautiful food.