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Well-Designed, Modern, and Polished: How to Get Farmhouse Style the Teaselwood Way by charity buchika

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Photography by Whitney Nichols

Sometimes I hesitate just a little to call my aesthetic 'farmhouse.'

While it's clear I'm in the farmhouse category - and I love all its warmth and charm - I don't always want my designs to be quite as casual and vintage-y as farmhouse style is at times.

Instead, I'm aiming for spaces with homespun, artisanal, reclaimed touches alongside high-quality, current pieces for results that are well-designed, modern, and polished (which I think our latest project captured perfectly!).

So how do I create spaces that exude warm farmhouse charm but still feel intentional - and maybe even a little luxurious? Read on for my not-so-secret method!

1. Use a mix of old and new, high and low

You've probably heard this advice before, but it's especially true for 'modern farmhouse' spaces. 

Antiques, vintage items, and homespun elements are all hallmarks of farmhouse style. But by mixing them with more sophisticated furnishings and decor, you magically create a look that's totally fresh and modern.

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CB mudroom window seat detail WhitneyNicholsPhotography-6064_preview.jpg

2. Comfort is key

Who ever heard of a farmhouse where you don't feel like you can make yourself at home?!

The casual nature of farmhouse style is inherently welcoming with a come-in-and-put-your-feet-up vibe.

That means the seating you put in your farmhouse style spaces should be cozy, cushy, and delightfully comfy. Since high-quality sofas and chairs tend to be infinitely more comfortable and durable than cheap, 'throw away' versions, you'll want to zero in on these when choosing seating.

CB lr chair WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5748_preview.jpg
CB LR sofa WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5698_preview.jpg
Farmhouse Style 5 skaneateles-lake-summer-house-0001.jpg

The good news is that higher quality furnishings also come with tons of options! Buying made-to-order, customized pieces from trade sources allows you to choose pieces that will pull everything together. That means you end up with a cohesive finished look and feel (as opposed to being stuck shoehorning the wrong size, style, or color into your room's design simply because nothing else was available).


If it's comfy enough for the animals in your house, it's just right (did I mention those high-quality pieces also come in performance fabrics?!).

CB Kitchen chair with dog WhitneyNicholsPhotography-6028_preview.jpg

Mix textures

You might think farmhouse style means all things chippy paint and rusted tin.

But when you mix those rustic textures with contrasting textures like smooth brass, velvety upholstery, or sleek stone, you create rich layers for the eye to feast on.

And those luxe textures also serve to make your farmhouse space feel a touch more modern and well-designed.

CB LR chair and side table detail WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5711_preview.jpg
CB island lights detail WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5878_preview.jpg
CB laundry room sink WhitneyNicholsPhotography-6044_preview.jpg
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CB lr hearth detail WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5717_preview.jpg

Pick a few high-contrast colors

So often farmhouse style color palettes consist only of chalky neutrals and a few watercolor pastels.

While I'm all for both of those color categories, I like them even better when they're punctuated by a high-contrast color or two. 

For instance, to break up an expanse of weathered floors and white walls, add dark-stained wood beams or glossy black cabinets. Or bring in a few fabrics or some artwork in bright or deep hues. 

LR bar cabinet WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5693_preview.jpg

Or bring in a few fabrics or some artwork in bright or deep hues. 

Teaselwood Design farmhouse style 2 WhitneyNicholsPhotography-9343_preview.jpeg
Farmhouse Style 9 TeaselwoodDesign-0112.jpg
Teaselwood Design Interior-Design-Living-Room-with-Built-Ins0007.jpg

'Farm fresh' details

I think it's always the details that make a space's style. From lighting to flowers, little touches can make the difference between just farmhouse and 'modern farmhouse.'

Flowers can be the ultimate farmhouse statement. You can read my trick for perfectly imperfect arrangements every time here. Beautiful herbs and produce make great arrangements too.

CB kitchen flowers, veggies, cake WhitneyNicholsPhotography-6002_preview.jpg
CB bath counter detail WhitneyNicholsPhotography-6102_preview.jpg
CB lr ottoman detail 2 WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5730_preview.jpg

Flooring in tribal and geometric patterns feels so fresh right now for casual spaces.

CB lr rug WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5754_preview.jpg
CB bath flooring WhitneyNicholsPhotography-6113_preview.jpg

You could go the utilitarian, 'schoolhouse lighting' look, but gorgeous statement lighting is right at home in modern farmhouse spaces.

Farmhouse Style 6 Bunk-House-East-Lake-Rd-Skaneateles-0012.jpg
CB kitchen light WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5934_preview.jpg
CB wall sconce detail WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5832_preview.jpg

And don't forget things like cabinet hardware and plumbing fixtures!

CB kitchen sink detail WhitneyNicholsPhotography-6007_preview.jpg
Teaselwood Design farmhouse style 6 WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5842_preview.jpeg
CB island hardware detail WhitneyNicholsPhotography-6014_preview.jpg

So there it is! That's what I do to create Teaselwood style. I mean, that and hours and hours of behind-the-scenes design work, haha! What will you add to your farmhouse spaces to give them a well-designed, modern, and polished look?

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Luchsinger Lane Home Tour PartII by charity buchika

Oh hi there. Let’s skip the small talk and pick right up where we left off, shall we?

OK, OK. A teeny recap in case you missed our last post: Part I featured the beginnings of a tour through the home of one of our super fun, talented clients. We launched said tour last week with her home office and sitting room. This week, we’re pedaling forward with three more fantastic spaces: her morning room, parts of her living room and her daughter’s room. Ready? Here we go.

Room 1: The morning room. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? “Morning room” evokes scenes of the summer sun rising, a mug of hot coffee cradled in your hand, silence throughout the house as everyone else (read: the kids!) is still asleep. Every house should be built with a morning room. Anyway, as our client’s morning room opens to the kitchen and family room, we needed to both tie it together to the rest of the house and give it its own sense of space. With this duet of a goal in mind, we painted the walls a subtle pale blue and added a killer chandelier. The one challenge that we faced was keeping the dining room set, per the client’s wishes. But. We found a loophole. She said nothing about keeping the dining room set in the exact same state it was in… Would you believe that there are heavy leather chairs under those beautiful slipcovers?


Once again, the beauty is in the details. Details such as the multi-fabric, damask print slipcovers shrouding what was once dark, heavy leather. The covers offer the chairs, and moreover, the room itself, so much more interest, charm and softness. Plus, the window treatments we chose add another dimension, another layer, softening all the vertical lines in the room.


This sweet wicker set is something that was already in place and was perfect for the space. We just recovered the cushions to give them a fresh look and one that meshed well with the new color scheme.

Next is the living room. A work in progress, really. When we arrived on the scene, our client had crazy-heavy window treatments that blocked out all the natural light. We knew full well she wasn’t a vampire, so we helped her shed a little light into the beautiful cave. What did the trick? Stripping the windows and creating light linen treatments on the same drapery hardware that the original treatments were on. Reusing what she had kept costs down as well, which is always a plus. We painted the room a light beige/gray color and added this fun wing chair.


Here is a close up of the window treatments with the adorable, loopy trim detail.


Room 3: Her daughter’s room. I have such fond memories of seeing this munchkin arrive the first time at our studio, in a baby carrier, no less, and have been so fortunate to watch her as she has grown. Our mission was to create a room that will grow along with her – but not something so over-the-top that she will become tired of it. Therefore, we custom-designed a headboard with her monogram, a sentimental piece that can be used even when she becomes an adult and moves into to a place of her own. It’s detailed with a contrast welting that really shows off the shape.

The window treatment is a fun striped silk with tiny bead detailing. Its shape is pretty, girly and flouncy, yet, most important, one that will stand the test of time, achieving our original goal.


Hope you have enjoyed our tour, you can check out more inspiration in our portfolio at Teaselwood Design



photos: Alice G Patterson Photography