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Handpicked apples and handcrafted pottery: The perfect pair by charity buchika

Thank goodness for fall. Thank goodness apple-picking season, where you get to hand-select each crisp beauty you bring home. And speaking of home, once you’ve carted your goodies to your kitchen, what better way exists to honor those tasty treasures than to place them in a bowl that was also lovingly handpicked, or rather, lovingly handmade? Something nearly as special as the experience itself of strolling through the fields with your family to gather the freshest fruit of the season? We at Teaselwood Design think it just makes sense.

You see, at Teaselwood, we design all of our own pottery shapes and glaze colors. They’re exclusive to us – you simply can’t get them anywhere else! It’s something we’re very proud of. We also work with a potter who wheel-throws each piece for us. It’s so neat and unique. Every pretty piece of pottery (and our cutting boards, too, for that matter) that we handcraft is as different and one-of-a-kind as the apples you handpick at your local orchard. How about that? From honey pots, batter bowls and farmhouse mugs, to garden bowls, pasta dishes and everyday bowls, you name it, we offer it in our stunning, durable stoneware. To provide you with all shapes, sizes and varieties of beautiful, functional pottery with which to fill your space and deck your table – that’s what we set out to do. And gosh darn it, we’re passionate about it and good at it, too.

So, after you head into the kitchen with your fresh bounty in hand from your local orchard, check out our latest, one-of-a-kind stoneware as a special place to house it. Our pottery also makes the perfect gift when apple-picking season dwindles and the holidays start creeping around the corner, as they always do.


Cheers & happy fall!


All photos by Alice G Patterson Photography for Teaselwood Design