Modern Rustic Zen Spa by charity buchika

Wow where do we start with this project? It feels like ya hot minute we were working on our inspirations boards, but we have been working on this project for almost 2- years.

So what does a Fishing lodge and a Wedding Venue in the middle of the best slice of heaven which sits on the Salmon River in Altmar NY, all have a in common need??? You ask seriously how can these even be related? You have the stinky fishy smelling guy worn out from being on the river all day and at the other end you have your girl gang ready to get zenned out and beautiful for the big occasion.

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Let's Not Blow This Whole Thing Out of Proportion, Part 1: How to pick the right size lighting for your space by charity buchika

A client recently asked me how to figure out the right proportions for things like lighting, tile and furniture. She said she always seems to pick things that are too big or too small.

She's not the first person to ask me about this. Proportions are a mystery to a lot of non-designers, which means that, even if you have great taste, your home can end up looking "off" because things are out of proportion with the space or with everything else in it (or both).

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4 Times I Told A Client Something They Didn't Want to Hear - And They Ended Up Loving Me for It! by charity buchika

Most of the time, working with an interior designer on a project for your home is fun, creative and satisfying. I mean, what's not to love about letting a style guru with access to gorgeous, exclusive products guide you through fabrics, wallcoverings, lamps and furniture?!

 But every now and then your designer might tell you something that's decidedly un-fun. Maybe they deliver the news that something you planned to keep is making your home look dated and unappealing. That something you had your heart set on just isn't going to work. Or that you actually do need to invest in something you'd hoped to sidestep.

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You Don't Need Furniture Buying Tips If You Know This One Thing - Part 2 by charity buchika

Now that you know from this post all the ways trade furniture is better than retail furniture in terms of the actual pieces themselves (higher quality, longer lasting) and the impact the much greater selection and customization options have to how your rooms can look and feel, let’s talk about the less tangible benefits.

When you’re making big decisions and investing in anything you’re entitled to have a good service experience with product and service providers you can trust. It’s also vital that you know you’re making wise choices with your investment that you won’t regret later.

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