How to Bring Modern Farmhouse Style to Your Home: Part 5, Furniture, storage and display: Keep it SIMPLE / by charity buchika

Well, friends and fellow farmhouse fanatics (try saying that 5 times in a row), here we are at our last post for our “How to Bring Modern Farmhouse Style to Your Home” special feature. Very sad, we know. But before you bring out the box of tissues, let’s talk about what you’re setting those tissues down on… yes, your furniture! In case you missed Part 1.

When it comes to filling your farmhouse with fabulous furniture (again, 5 times fast would be a doozy), the Teaselwood Farm rule to live by is to keep it SIMPLE.

How so? Basically: Don’t overthink it. Don’t overcrowd it. Don’t over-clutter it.

Leave plenty of breathing room around each piece of furniture. You’ll be surprised what a difference to the eye space can make. Plus, it’s more livable that way, more comfortable all around.

Other ideas and tips:

Opt for an open floor plan if possible. Talk about adding ample space! Open floor plans allow for more social interaction, more natural light throughout the entire space and a better venue for entertaining, not to mention more breathing room and versatility for furniture arrangement


Select an island for the kitchen coupled with simple cabinetry like inset shaker doors. Not only is it the prime place where your kids/family/friends will gather to drink, munch and chat, it’s the ideal locale for storing extra kitchen do-dads, utensils and amenities. Quite frankly, it’s your kitchen’s BFF and it’s a stunning yet functional addition to any modern farmhouse.

Choose a dining table with an x shaped base or trestle style with Windsor chairs and a bench for an extra dose of farmhouse charm. Think: stability, versatility and beautiful-ability (ok, you know what we mean). But seriously, these tables are super stylish and rustic at the same time, adding a subtle flair to your space.

Just like your furniture, our same rule of simplicity applies to your storage and display.

When it comes to stocking and showcasing your various household wares and décor, try incorporating some or all of the following into your modern farmhouse:

  • Open shelving

  • Baskets

  • Iron ware, stone ware, other pretty pottery

  • Greenery with boxwoods
  • Books that are white or a similar shade for aesthetic cohesiveness

  • Simple frames of family photos in white or varying shades of black



Now that we’ve covered all the modern farmhouse how-to bases, we hope you were able to follow along and learn a thing or two to beautify your own space! Is there anything you think we missed or could have included? How have you turned your space into a modern farmhouse in your own way? Share here and we just might feature your own favorite farmhouse room in an upcoming blog!

Thanks so much for being a part of our “How to Bring Modern Farmhouse Style to Your Home” journey! We look forward to bringing you more series posts like these that aim to benefit you and your modern farmhouse lifestyle!



All photos unless noted  Alice G Patterson for Teaselwood Design