Modern Farmhouse Style

This fresh, modern kitchen started life as a 1700s tavern by charity buchika

It’s true! Long before we got our hands on it, this small-but-mighty kitchen led a much-remodeled life, first as an 18th century tavern and later as a private home.

When the current owners came to us, it was a dark and dated 1980s-style space. It did the job as far as cooking was concerned, but it wasn’t pleasant or efficient for the family to use.

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Well-Designed, Modern, and Polished: How to Get Farmhouse Style the Teaselwood Way by charity buchika

CB lr sofa 2 WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5769_preview.jpg

Photography by Whitney Nichols

Sometimes I hesitate just a little to call my aesthetic 'farmhouse.'

While it's clear I'm in the farmhouse category - and I love all its warmth and charm - I don't always want my designs to be quite as casual and vintage-y as farmhouse style is at times.

Instead, I'm aiming for spaces with homespun, artisanal, reclaimed touches alongside high-quality, current pieces for results that are well-designed, modern, and polished (which I think our latest project captured perfectly!).

So how do I create spaces that exude warm farmhouse charm but still feel intentional - and maybe even a little luxurious? Read on for my not-so-secret method!

1. Use a mix of old and new, high and low

You've probably heard this advice before, but it's especially true for 'modern farmhouse' spaces. 

Antiques, vintage items, and homespun elements are all hallmarks of farmhouse style. But by mixing them with more sophisticated furnishings and decor, you magically create a look that's totally fresh and modern.

Farmhouse style 7 skaneateles-lake-summer-house-0133.jpg
Farmhouse style 4 TeaselwoodDesign-9835.jpg
CB llr ottoman detail WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5714_preview.jpg
Farmhouse style 2 0029-Teaselwood-Design.jpg
CB mudroom window seat detail WhitneyNicholsPhotography-6064_preview.jpg

2. Comfort is key

Who ever heard of a farmhouse where you don't feel like you can make yourself at home?!

The casual nature of farmhouse style is inherently welcoming with a come-in-and-put-your-feet-up vibe.

That means the seating you put in your farmhouse style spaces should be cozy, cushy, and delightfully comfy. Since high-quality sofas and chairs tend to be infinitely more comfortable and durable than cheap, 'throw away' versions, you'll want to zero in on these when choosing seating.

CB lr chair WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5748_preview.jpg
CB LR sofa WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5698_preview.jpg
Farmhouse Style 5 skaneateles-lake-summer-house-0001.jpg

The good news is that higher quality furnishings also come with tons of options! Buying made-to-order, customized pieces from trade sources allows you to choose pieces that will pull everything together. That means you end up with a cohesive finished look and feel (as opposed to being stuck shoehorning the wrong size, style, or color into your room's design simply because nothing else was available).


If it's comfy enough for the animals in your house, it's just right (did I mention those high-quality pieces also come in performance fabrics?!).

CB Kitchen chair with dog WhitneyNicholsPhotography-6028_preview.jpg

Mix textures

You might think farmhouse style means all things chippy paint and rusted tin.

But when you mix those rustic textures with contrasting textures like smooth brass, velvety upholstery, or sleek stone, you create rich layers for the eye to feast on.

And those luxe textures also serve to make your farmhouse space feel a touch more modern and well-designed.

CB LR chair and side table detail WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5711_preview.jpg
CB island lights detail WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5878_preview.jpg
CB laundry room sink WhitneyNicholsPhotography-6044_preview.jpg
Farmhouse style Teaselwood Design 1 WhitneyNicholsPhotography-9294_preview.jpeg
CB lr hearth detail WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5717_preview.jpg

Pick a few high-contrast colors

So often farmhouse style color palettes consist only of chalky neutrals and a few watercolor pastels.

While I'm all for both of those color categories, I like them even better when they're punctuated by a high-contrast color or two. 

For instance, to break up an expanse of weathered floors and white walls, add dark-stained wood beams or glossy black cabinets. Or bring in a few fabrics or some artwork in bright or deep hues. 

LR bar cabinet WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5693_preview.jpg

Or bring in a few fabrics or some artwork in bright or deep hues. 

Teaselwood Design farmhouse style 2 WhitneyNicholsPhotography-9343_preview.jpeg
Farmhouse Style 9 TeaselwoodDesign-0112.jpg
Teaselwood Design Interior-Design-Living-Room-with-Built-Ins0007.jpg

'Farm fresh' details

I think it's always the details that make a space's style. From lighting to flowers, little touches can make the difference between just farmhouse and 'modern farmhouse.'

Flowers can be the ultimate farmhouse statement. You can read my trick for perfectly imperfect arrangements every time here. Beautiful herbs and produce make great arrangements too.

CB kitchen flowers, veggies, cake WhitneyNicholsPhotography-6002_preview.jpg
CB bath counter detail WhitneyNicholsPhotography-6102_preview.jpg
CB lr ottoman detail 2 WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5730_preview.jpg

Flooring in tribal and geometric patterns feels so fresh right now for casual spaces.

CB lr rug WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5754_preview.jpg
CB bath flooring WhitneyNicholsPhotography-6113_preview.jpg

You could go the utilitarian, 'schoolhouse lighting' look, but gorgeous statement lighting is right at home in modern farmhouse spaces.

Farmhouse Style 6 Bunk-House-East-Lake-Rd-Skaneateles-0012.jpg
CB kitchen light WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5934_preview.jpg
CB wall sconce detail WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5832_preview.jpg

And don't forget things like cabinet hardware and plumbing fixtures!

CB kitchen sink detail WhitneyNicholsPhotography-6007_preview.jpg
Teaselwood Design farmhouse style 6 WhitneyNicholsPhotography-5842_preview.jpeg
CB island hardware detail WhitneyNicholsPhotography-6014_preview.jpg

So there it is! That's what I do to create Teaselwood style. I mean, that and hours and hours of behind-the-scenes design work, haha! What will you add to your farmhouse spaces to give them a well-designed, modern, and polished look?

How to Bring Modern Farmhouse Style to Your Home: Part 5, Furniture, storage and display: Keep it SIMPLE by charity buchika

Well, friends and fellow farmhouse fanatics (try saying that 5 times in a row), here we are at our last post for our “How to Bring Modern Farmhouse Style to Your Home” special feature. Very sad, we know. But before you bring out the box of tissues, let’s talk about what you’re setting those tissues down on… yes, your furniture! In case you missed Part 1.

When it comes to filling your farmhouse with fabulous furniture (again, 5 times fast would be a doozy), the Teaselwood Farm rule to live by is to keep it SIMPLE.

How so? Basically: Don’t overthink it. Don’t overcrowd it. Don’t over-clutter it.

Leave plenty of breathing room around each piece of furniture. You’ll be surprised what a difference to the eye space can make. Plus, it’s more livable that way, more comfortable all around.

Other ideas and tips:

Opt for an open floor plan if possible. Talk about adding ample space! Open floor plans allow for more social interaction, more natural light throughout the entire space and a better venue for entertaining, not to mention more breathing room and versatility for furniture arrangement


Select an island for the kitchen coupled with simple cabinetry like inset shaker doors. Not only is it the prime place where your kids/family/friends will gather to drink, munch and chat, it’s the ideal locale for storing extra kitchen do-dads, utensils and amenities. Quite frankly, it’s your kitchen’s BFF and it’s a stunning yet functional addition to any modern farmhouse.

Choose a dining table with an x shaped base or trestle style with Windsor chairs and a bench for an extra dose of farmhouse charm. Think: stability, versatility and beautiful-ability (ok, you know what we mean). But seriously, these tables are super stylish and rustic at the same time, adding a subtle flair to your space.

Just like your furniture, our same rule of simplicity applies to your storage and display.

When it comes to stocking and showcasing your various household wares and décor, try incorporating some or all of the following into your modern farmhouse:

  • Open shelving

  • Baskets

  • Iron ware, stone ware, other pretty pottery

  • Greenery with boxwoods
  • Books that are white or a similar shade for aesthetic cohesiveness

  • Simple frames of family photos in white or varying shades of black



Now that we’ve covered all the modern farmhouse how-to bases, we hope you were able to follow along and learn a thing or two to beautify your own space! Is there anything you think we missed or could have included? How have you turned your space into a modern farmhouse in your own way? Share here and we just might feature your own favorite farmhouse room in an upcoming blog!

Thanks so much for being a part of our “How to Bring Modern Farmhouse Style to Your Home” journey! We look forward to bringing you more series posts like these that aim to benefit you and your modern farmhouse lifestyle!



All photos unless noted  Alice G Patterson for Teaselwood Design

How to Bring Modern Farmhouse Style to Your Home: Part 4, Mix and Match by charity buchika

It’s no secret that infusing old with new is the modern farmhouse way. I mean, just look at the name of the style itself – “modern”, meaning current and new, plus “farmhouse”, meaning rustic and old. Simple as that. What a complementary combination. Our favorite combination at Teaselwood Farm.

While accomplishing the “new” part of the style equation is likely the easiest (hit up any furniture and décor store and WHAM, there’s new), here are some ideas to assist you on your treasure hunt for the “old”.

image:  Alice G Patterson Photography for Teaselwood Design

image:  Alice G Patterson Photography for Teaselwood Design

Look for:
Vintage Furniture. Generally speaking, it’s sturdy, well-designed, and it offers beautiful curves, lines and construction overall. Unlike a lot of today’s furniture, it was built to last forever and ever.

Patina Furniture. The distressed look is so classic and gorgeous. It gives unmatchable character to an otherwise run-of-the-mill piece. Can’t find one you exactly as you’d like it? Choose a weathering technique and go at it yourself.

image Alice G Patterson photography for Teaselwood Design

image Alice G Patterson photography for Teaselwood Design

Architectural Salvage. Old doors, stained glass, vintage building materials, antique pieces of all shapes and sizes – the one-of-a-kind pieces that light up your wildest farmhouse dreams. That’s what we mean by architectural salvage. Check out an architectural salvage yard near you. You seriously never know what goodies you can find.

Accent Pieces. The name of the game when it comes to accent pieces? Mix ‘n’ match, with an emphasis on the “mix”. Go ahead and mix in counterpart accent pieces and accessories to give old décor a fresh look.

image: Alice G Patterson for Teaselwood Design

image: Alice G Patterson for Teaselwood Design

Graphic Artwork. This is how you add a little creative personality and dare we say funk to your farmhouse. This, my friends, is the modern part of it. Keeping it fresh and hip and interesting. Moreover, keeping it YOU – your style.

Along the same lines, while you’re curating your perfect modern farmhouse mix of old and new, don’t be afraid to think outside of the, well, lines. Welcome in some unusual pieces to create a space all your own.

Why, whatever do we mean? This, for example…

Use barn doors for doors. Talk about making an entrance!

Chalkboards. Snag them from garage sales and consignment shops and hang them everywhere you like – or, even easier, buy chalkboard paint and create however big a chalkboard area your heart desires. They’re so versatile and fun and offer that cozy, old school feeling. Literally.

Now that your brain is swirling with mixing and matching magnificence, let us know what cool combos you come up with for your own modern farmhouse. How do you interpret it into your lifestyle? Send us a pic of your favorite room or corner and we just might share it to inspire others!

Next and last (sniff, sniff) in our series of “How to Bring Modern Farmhouse Style to Your Home” – Furniture, storage and display: Keep it SIMPLE.



How to Bring Modern Farmhouse Style to Your Home: Part 3, Bring The Outside In by charity buchika

The next slice of the Teaselwood Design home makeover pie? Bringing the outdoors into your home. No, we’re not advocating inviting wild animals in or birds, bugs and the like – unless you’ve always wanted to be a zookeeper of some sort, then, hey, have at it – we’re thinking more along the lines of natural materials and textures. Take a hint from Mother Nature, the most amazing designer of them all, and use her exterior resources to beautify your interior space.

What kind of natural materials and textures work best? How about a handful of the following:


Fresh Flowers: Liven up any tabletop, mantle or room in general with a stunning bouquet. Flowers are so simple and yet add so much to an otherwise banal tablescape. It doesn’t get more natural than that.


Greenery: Plants not only purify the air for you – take that, seasonal germs – but they bring that much needed natural vibe to your home. They literally look great anywhere, too – just don’t forget to water them and give them adequate lighting according to their individual needs. Oh, and maybe talk to them once in a while? The jury’s still out on that.


Use Nature for Accessory Ideas: Pick elements found in nature for accessorizing your home. Remember the old “sticks and stones” adage? Well, they will likely break bones, but more importantly, what the poem doesn’t say is that they’re a fantastic natural touch in your farmhouse. Who says bouquets MUST be in flower form? How about gathering some cool looking birch wood or knobby twigs from your yard and displaying them in a glass vase  filled with pebbles? Think outside the traditional décor. Literally.

Optimize Your Natural Light: Let light in! Throw open those windows and French doors and forget thick, heavy, evil-fortress-like curtains! It’s a scientific fact Vitamin D does wonders for body and soul, and moreover, mood. Sunshine is one heck of an essential accessory in any home, let alone a spiffy modern farmhouse like the one you’re working so diligently on.


Choose Patterns Found in Nature: Let your farmhouse be inspired by the outdoors by incorporating faux bois patterns (think: imitation wood/wood pattern), floral fabrics and other natural textures.

And, while we’re talking natural materials and textures, here’s a handy dandy list of some fantastic ones to work into your décor:

  • Linen
  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Wood
  • Marble
  • Soapstone
  • Bluestone
  • Slate

Have other ideas about bringing the outside in and incorporating nature into your farmhouse? Please share them here! We hope you find the tips offered here to be super helpful and we’re always open to new ideas.

Keep your eyes peeled for Part 4    “How to Bring Modern Farmhouse Style to Your Home” topic: Mixing Old and New and Using Unusual Materials.



Images unless noted are by Alice G Patterson Photography for Teaselwood Design