Teaselwood Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Build a Basket in 5 Easy Steps / by charity buchika

Happy (almost) holidays! Before you even begin to feel overwhelmed with shopping, let us give YOU a gift. The gift of a gift-y lesson. A lesson in building the perfect gift basket! Because, let’s face it, whoever invented the gift basket was a genius. A little of this, a touch of that, all personalized and all wrapped up in a super cute, reusable bin of sorts? Like we said, pure genius. And so easy to tailor it right to your friend of choice. Happy. Holidays.

So let’s get down to business. Gift basket business, that is. Let’s talk five basic basket necessities:



1. Build your base: First, choose a cute basket, box or to hold all your goodies. Strive for something adorable yet functional that your gal pal will want to display in her house or cart around on her shoulder while out and about.

2. Select something to sip: What will it be? Wine, coffee or tea? Think about your giftee’s preferred potable potion and find a nice one. We recommend supporting your local boutiques with this purchase. Besides boosting the local economy, you’ll get better one-on-one attention there as far as selecting the very best treats to suit your special someone. Places we personally recommend around CNY: Recess CoffeeAnyela's Vineyard, Buttonwood Grove Winery Glen Edith Coffee Roaster

3. Trim the table: Taking the goodies in your gift baskets a step further by providing something pretty and practical for your friend’s tablescape. Our table linens for example, add a touch of softness, everyday practicality and elegant simplicity all in one. What’s more, they’re heirloom material. Literally.

4. Add to the ambiance: Fill the air with the sweet smell of the holidays and add a cozy feel to your basket! Our candles do exactly that and without all the nasty additives and chemicals so often found in your average scented votive. Not to mention, ours are hand-poured and use locally sourced ingredients.

5. Pick a platter: We at Teaselwood are head-over-heals for cutting boards. That’s why our shop has so many fantastic ones to choose from – European style, farmhouse style, heart-shaped, the list continues. Picture: Charcuterie. Patisserie. Cheese. Fruits/olives/dips. Anything and everything looks exceptionally appetizing when it’s presented on a cutting board. Ours are especially unique as they’re hand carved and made just for you! (Or, in this case, your friend!)


Want a little assistance creating the perfect gift basket for someone special? We would be delighted to work with you one-on-one to help you customize it to his or her personality!

For example, a couple ideas…


The Baker Basket: For That Betty Crocker, House-Always-Smells-Amazing Friend

We recommend the following one-of-a-kind goodies found in our shop: Batter bowls, Rolling pin , Wooden spoon,  Dishtowels, and  Apron.


The Hostess with the Mostest Gift Basket: A Little Generosity for the Generous Guy & Gal Hosting The Holiday Gathering:

Choose treats like:


Petite cutting board with limes and gourmet bitters


Farmhouse mug with tea or coffee


Teaselwood Farm Maple Syrup and pitcher

What are your favorite items to receive a la holiday gift baskets? Any special touches you add to your own creations for friends?

If you would like to check any of these in person you can find us;  December 1st at The Krebs Ladies night from 6:00-9:00 and also at December 6 at  Emma James Boutique  4:00-8:00 Skaneateles we will have show specials, hope to see you.