A DIY Kids’ Craft to Say Thank You, Dear Teacher! / by charity buchika

Schoooooool’s out for SUMMER!

Well, almost. But before it’s done and over with, let us thank those sweet angels, I mean, teachers, who put up with so much and guide and support our children all year long. They really are wonderful people, aren’t they?

Here at the farmhouse, we’ve been wracking our brains for a sweet, unique way to honor my son’s teacher. What we landed on? Well, nothing says “thank you for helping me bloom this year” more than an adorable homemade flower crafted by two little appreciative hands and set in a gorgeous vase. And it just so happens we have the perfect one right at the shop! Our stoneware vase hand-crafted exclusively for us right here in Central New York.


Next up: Choosing a flower! We decided to be truly crafty and one-of-a-kind by making pretty tissue paper flowers!

Here’s how to “grow” your tissue paper flowers!


You’ll need:

- 3-6 sheets of tissue paper (the more you use, the fuller the bloom!)

- Green pipe cleaner

- Scissors

- Jute or ribbon

- FREE printable “Thank you for helping me blossom” note to attach to the vase with the jute.

- A vase


Get gardening:

  • Stack all of your sheets in front of you, portrait style.

  • Fold the pile like an accordion – fold it over an inch, then flip it over and fold it back on the other side. Keep folding one inch at a time.

  • Cut the accordion in half for two flowers (or thirds if you want three flowers).

  • Wrap a piece of pipe cleaner around the middle of each accordion to keep it together. (A.k.a. your stems)

  • Separate out each layer of tissue paper, pulling it away from the end towards the center and shaping your bloom. Make sure to do it gently so that it doesn’t tear.

  • Thank you note: Lastly, please feel free to download our FREE printable “Thank you for helping me blossom” note and tie it around the lip of the vase with a piece of jute or ribbon.


There! How sweet is that? A handmade bloom and a sweet little note all in a gorgeous vase your teacher will be able to use again and again!

Please tag #teaselwooddesignif you make these for your teacher and share other creative end-of-the-school-year gift ideas you have!!