Father's Day Gift Guide / by charity buchika

Happy Father’s Day to all the pops, daddios and dadas out there!

Shishkabobs. Flank Steak. Chicken Spiedies. Fill in the blank: ______ on the grill. Dads like to make these things. A lot. And they have one thing in common, besides cooking to perfection over an open flame. They require chopping, vigorous chopping. Another thing Dads just seem to love.


So, for this Father’s Day, we’ve got some fantastic cutting boards on the brain. And boy, or should we say, man, like Dad-man, do we have an awful lot of superb options at the shop.  These cutting boards are all hand crafted by us right here in Skaneateles NY. From your basic cutting board in small, medium and large , to those with unique contoured handles, to large paddle-style ones and those with carved inset handles. We even offer a European-style stacking collection Plus, you can pick your wood of choice – maple, walnut, cherry or ash.


There is one that’s sure to fit your father’s slicing and dicing. We’re talking a lifetime of slicing and dicing, as these babies are heirloom material. And then there’s the obvious bonus: When he’s not using the board, you can! Some of our boards work splendidly for creating yummy homemade pizza or simply serving as a cute display for local cheese and mustard when guests pop over to visit and need something to munch on.


In honor of all the amazing dad's out there we are offering free shipping till father's day on all orders in the shop with the code: dad16



Photos: by Alice G Patterson for Teaselwood Design