Meet the New French Market Totes and Teaselwood Hand Balm / by charity buchika

‘Tis the season of all things fresh and local, including our latest collection

Mmm, smell that? Meat and vegetables roasting on the grill, freshly picked fruits and flowers adorning your table? That’s summer on the farm. And from whence do all these decadent goodies come? Why, a local farmer’s market, of course. At least, that’s the case at the farmhouse, anyway.


Which brings me to my next favorite part of summer. Farmer’s markets. Rows and rows of fresh-from-the-garden, ripe, colorful fruits and veggies just begging to be thrown into a fun warm weather recipe, combined with local cheeses, meats, flowers, handmade goodies – you name it, you can find it. And I love it. I try to get as much as I can from local sources like these to help our economy, help our neighbors, help my family – the benefits are endless. How can you go wrong buying the freshest ingredients for life as possible? Clearly, I get very excited about it. I also get very excited for accessories that help me on my farmer’s market hunt each week. Hence the latest inspiration behind the new summer '16 to releases at Teaselwood Design boutique!


Part of the new summer '16  Teaselwood collection that has been introduced is our beautiful, sturdy leather totes. Picture the absolute perfect accessory for gathering goodies at your local famer’s market this summer while still looking ultra chic. Let our stunning handmade French Market Leather Trimmed Tote or our Classic French Market Tote, hand-woven from date palm leaf, do all the heavy lifting the next time you’re out and about shopping.


And one other new and delightful item that just so happens to be as multipurpose as our totes is our ultra rich, skin-soothing, frizz-calming Hand Balm. It’s handcrafted with local beeswax and high quality essential oils and lavender. Ahh, lavender. Just thinking about its sweet scent is relaxing. Pop this baby into your French Market Tote and you’re good to go, no matter the weather at the farmer’s market.


Happy hunting at your local farmer’s market this summer!