Farmer’s Market Foodie / by charity buchika

For us at Teaselwood Farm, summer means frequent trips to our local farmer’s market. Why? I love browsing the stalls and loading up our market totes with unique and different vegetables that I don't normally come across in the supermarket. Plus I adore talking to the farmers themselves and asking them what recipes they recommend for their produce. Many times they have original ones that are fun and fast. (And quite delicious.)


As you may have noticed, my blog has taken a slight shift lately as I’ve been sharing more about yummy recipes I’ve concocted. Preparing beautiful dishes to devour, I mean, photograph and share, is one of my passions. It’s becoming more and more of a hobby for me and it goes hand in hand with farmhouse living as my recipes feature fresh, local, farm-to-table ingredients. This foodspiration (food inspiration) is also a fantastic way to showcase many of our one-of-a-kind, your-best-friend-in-the-kitchen items available in our shop.


And the kitchen is a huge part of Teaselwood Design. Huge. Like in most homes, the kitchen is a hub of activity for our family. We spend oodles of time there, chatting, eating, laughing, etc. It only makes sense to place focus on that very special, bring-the-family-together, fill-your-heart, fill-your-belly room.

Alas, fret not, I will still continue to showcase interior work, but you will now be seeing a lot more tantalizing food too! (Have a napkin or hanky handy. You’re bound to start drooling over some of these recipes.)

One such drool-worthy recipe is this ridiculously good Capers Mac and Cheese  from Half Baked Harvest that I whipped up a few weeks ago. It blends what I find to be some of the best ingredients in the food world into one crazy-tasty dish.

Baking-dish- white -stoneware

We baked this beauty up in our Potter's Baking Dish. Anyway, just thought I’d debrief you on the latest for Teaselwood Design. I hope you’re able to duplicate these delectable dishes and add your own flair as you go and let us know if you have any great summer recipes to share.


Source: Farmers Market Foodie