Equestrian Chic-Meets-Mountain Retreat Cozy Den Design / by charity buchika

Equestrian Chic-Meets-Mountain Retreat Cozy Den Design

When my stylish friend and owner of Skaneateles 300', a local specialty fashion and gift boutique, wanted to redesign her den, we put our heads together to come up with a cozy, mountain retreat-inspired space that would also give a nod to her days of competitive riding.

Bold & Stylish

Because Geraldean is so creative and has such great, visionary ideas, I knew I could push the envelope with bold choices in this design. Believe me - Geraldean doesn't go for run-of-the-mill anything!

Equestrian Chic-Meets-Mountain Retreat Cozy Den Design

The den's walls were already painted this luscious shade of brown and Geraldean already had the amazing houndstooth print chair. They both served as great layers for us to build the new design on. (By the way, that super cozy waffle weave throw on the sofa is from our shop - you can get it here). 

Houndstooth chair TeaEquestrian Chic-Meets-Mountain Retreat Cozy Den Designselwood Design

Fabric is Everything!

Did you know you can use any upholstery fabric to cover sofas from design trade-only manufacturers?! You're not limited to just the choices they offer, which opens up worlds of fabric options. I had the made-to-order chesterfield sofa covered in a gorgeous black chenille. It has just a little bit of a gray metallic sheen to it. So fun and edgy - and so Geraldean!

Cow Hide Ottoman with red floral  Equestrian Chic-Meets-Mountain Retreat Cozy Den Design

Multi-tasking Pieces

The hide-covered ottomans add great texture, shape, and style to the room - plus they check the boxes on both the 'horsey' theme and the mountain retreat theme. Win, win!

Equestrian Design Details Teaselwood Design Equestrian Chic-Meets-Mountain Retreat Cozy Den Design
Equstrian Design Details Teaselwood Design WhitneyNicholsPhotography-9527_preview.jpg
Equestrain Design Details Teaslewood Design WhitneyNicholsPhotography-9311_preview.jpg
floral Equestrian Chic-Meets-Mountain Retreat Cozy Den Design

Personal Touches Make It Home

We used Geraldean's old ribbons and trophies from her competitive riding days on the walls and in vignettes throughout the room. Adding personal items always helps to tell the story of the people who live there, which I love. It makes well-designed rooms look collected and creative too.

It was so much fun to design a room for my sweet, stylish friend And you've just got to visit her shop (either in person or online) and see all the goodies she's gathered there. 

Stay tuned for more on this space... and how we put it to really good use right away!

Photos by Whitney Nichols Photography