3 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Cozy & Warm this Autumn / by charity buchika


Autumn is a sacred and special time of year, never lasting long enough, yet special for that very reason. With the bittersweet memory of a grueling summer behind us and the joyful anticipation of the holiday season ahead, we hold autumn close to our hearts, homes, and hearths.

Autumn Décor for Your Kitchen

Wood + Wicker


Our favorite way to decorate the kitchen for fall is to create layers with baskets and wood cutting boards. The various wood types create gorgeous, warm texture.

Another charming decoration idea includes filling wooden bowls with fruits or gourds. Our brand new wooden bowls have arrived at our shop, and we are so excited. These bowls are handcrafted from downed trees in Central New York, and each one is hand-turned. Visit our shop here.

Real Candles + Soft Lighting

Fall-Apple-Pie-Dessert-Table-By-Teaselwood-Design-0017 photo credit Alice G Patterson.jpg

We love candles and usually have them around the kitchen when the light starts to fade. During dinner time, we opt for an unscented candle that won’t mix unpleasantly with the smell or taste of the meal. During the day or evening, we love burning a fall-inspired scent.  

We developed our softly scented beeswax candles to emit a gentle, not overpowering, scent throughout the room and highly recommend them to every candle connoisseur. Check out our candles here.

Florals & Greenery

Whitney Nichols Photography

Whitney Nichols Photography

I almost always have a small arrangement on our kitchen island. This time of year, I try to pull from my remaining flower garden and bring in some other elements from the yard, such as grapevines, boxwood, and even roses (if they are still in bloom).

Other great ways to bring greenery indoors for autumn is to create a collection of small potted plants, like ferns or succulents—which are some of our favorites.

If all else fails, there is no shame in opting for a faux floral or greenery arrangement.

3 Fall-Inspired Recipes to Warm Your Heart:

Fall-Apple-Pie-Dessert-Table-By-Teaselwood-Design-0047 Photo Credit Alic G Patterson.jpg

If you love apples as much as we do, you will enjoy these delicious fall recipes. We at Teaselwood have abundant apples this year in our orchard from which we will most certainly be making the following:

Apple Pie


Apple Cardamom Cake


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