How to Style a Bookshelf that Defines Your Personality / by charity buchika

Think your bookshelves are just for books? Think again. We love a styled bookshelf, and with these tips, you will too. Our strategy is always to add a variety of books, picture frames, and flowers or greenery to create the look.

How to Style a Bookshelf

Step 1

Clear everything from the shelves and group the items by size. Make sure photo frames are of the same color family but in varying sizes and materials (metal and wood are good but avoid plastic).


Step 2

Take the jackets off the hardcover books and group them by color. If you have paperback books, turn them backwards for various shades of paper white and soft yellow. Books are the perfect accessories when styling a bookshelf because they provide a vast array of heights.


Step 3

From figurines to photo frames, make sure you're using only one color of metal. Too many colors will make the shelves look cluttered. For this arrangement, we chose gold.

Step 4

Use several different textures. For this, we used ceramic, wood, woven fibers, and metal. Note that each set of books includes an interesting set of bookends and that the books alternate sides on each shelf.


The result is a bookshelf that tells the story of your home in four to five shelves. With floral arrangements, succulents, photos of cherished memories, and priceless keepsakes, your bookshelves become more fashion-forward than merely functional.


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