DIY an Early Fall Wreath / by charity buchika


See how we made our own modern farmhouse-style alternative to leaves and acorns!


We're in that weird time in-between seasons - it's no longer quite the sunshine-y summertime, but it's not yet full-blown falling leaves, sweater weather fall.

Somehow, it just doesn't feel right to us to hang a typical autumnal wreath on the door just yet - and you know how we love wreaths (like this one and these) around here.

 And so we came up with a lovely early fall alternative to help us tiptoe into the new season!


We were aiming for something slightly rustic but also minimalistic, with colors that would mimic those in our slowly fading summer garden.

 So simple but so pretty, right?!

 Here's exactly what you need to make one for your own home:

Diy fall wreath by Skaneateles-Interior-Designer -teaselwood-Design

1. 12-14 inch round wreath frame (we found this circular frame at Michaels and spray painted it gold)
2. Leafy greenery of your choice (we used a little faux eucalyptus and dried salignum, which we also found at Michaels)
3. Dried flowers OR real flowers that will dry well (we chose some celosia in a couple of colors from our garden)
4. 1-faux dahlia OR a real one if you happen to have it in your garden or yard
5. Wire cutters
6. Scissors
7. Florist wire
8. Black velvet ribbon
And here's how to put it together:

 First, create a base at what will be the bottom of the wreath by wiring the salignum and eucalyptus to the frame in an asymmetrical (i.e. perfectly imperfect!) shape.


Next, add the dried flowers (celosia, in our case) - randomly mixing up the colors and stem sizes - on top of the greenery base and wire them securely.


Then place the large dahlia off-center, where the ends of the greenery and dried flowers meet, and wire it to the frame (you can also use a hot glue gun to attach the flower more securely).


Add a touch of deep color and create a hanger by simply looping the velvet ribbon around the top of the frame and tying it in a single knot (remember, it's easier to start with a longer ribbon - you can always cut it down if you need to).


Finally, hang it up and bask in its beautiful simplicity.


 It looks great on walls and interior doors too!

Diy fall wreath by Skaneateles Interior Designer Teaselwood Design

Happy Fall!