How to Bring Modern Farmhouse Style to Your Home: Part 1, Texture / by charity buchika

Woo hoo! We at Teaselwood Farm couldn’t be more excited to kick off our fun “How to Bring Modern Farmhouse Style to Your Home” guide with you today! First up in our make-your-own-farmhouse series: Incorporating texture!

Incorporating texture to a home? What does that even mean? We’re talking about adding varied materials to give a unique feel and personality to each room. The best way to incorporate texture into the actual structure of each room is by focusing on snazzying up your walls and floors.

Here are some fantastic materials to consider incorporating for texture in each room! Add some of these and BOOM, you’ll be one (major, Big Foot) step closer to achieving that modern farmhouse appeal in your home:

Shiplap- photo   for Teaselwood Design

Shiplap-photo  for Teaselwood Design

Shiplap: Add this historic-looking paneling to walls for a beachy, rustic feel.

Board and Batten-  photo

Board and Batten- photo

Board and batten: Picture wainscoting with beautiful, clean lines. This look not only lightens up the room, but brings a quaint touch of architectural detail.

Brick Floor:  photo

Brick Floor: photo

Brick: Exposed brick walls or floors offer a rustic charm and semi-industrial feel. Even better, you can totally go faux and no one will be able to tell the difference!

Wainscotting:  Photo  by for Teaselwood Design

Wainscotting: Photo by for Teaselwood Design

Wainscoting: Think easy, cozy, decorative wall paneling such a classic in beadboard.

Seagrass, Jute, or Sisal:  photo

Seagrass, Jute, or Sisal: photo

Seagrass, Jute and Sisal:  Go ahead and cover a wall with it or flop an area rug of it down on the floor for an instant dose of stunning, natural texture and intricate detail to any room. What’s more, seagrass is environmentally friendly and super versatile.

Rustic Wood and Beams:  photo

Rustic Wood and Beams: photo

Rustic wood and beams: Reclaimed wood. Antique beams. Vintage timber. Yes, yes, yes. Think all the rustic charm and coziness of grandmama and grandpappy’s country barn without the smell or mess of animals/manure/hay.


Patina:  Photo  for Teaselwood Design

Patina: Photo for Teaselwood Design

Patina: Incorporate stunning patina (a glossy, sea-kissed aqua green/shabby-chic turquoise finish) into your architectural elements for a little farmhouse pizazz by choosing aged-to-perfection antique pieces or by tarnishing them yourself. DIY! It’s worth it!


Subway Tile

Subway Tile

Subway Tile:  Achieve a bright and clean look with white subway tile bordered by white or gray grout. This texture is a bit of a conundrum – one of today’ hottest trends, yet simple, timeless and a farmhouse staple.

Stone:  Photo

Stone: Photo

Stone: Do it for a terrific trifecta – texture, natural color, dimension. Covering an interior wall with stone provides a dramatic effect and a super unique focal point for a room.There are a bazillion tutorials out there on how best to achieve the farmhouse-friendly looks described above. If you have any questions at all about the materials themselves or the procedure, please don’t hesitate to ask. Or, to take it a step further, or rather a step back for you, we can do it for you! Teaselwood Design interior design services would gladly cover any home project or makeover you have in mind. Again, just ask!

Next up, stay tuned for… Color!