The Easy Way to Create Gorgeous Fresh Flower Arrangements for the Holidays (and All Year Long!) / by charity buchika

As you probably already know, I can't get enough of fresh flowers. I keep our farmhouse pretty well stocked with them everywhere you look year-round. They just make a home look and feel so much more beautiful and welcoming!

The key is in mixing together store bought flowers (I happen to love Trader Joe's bouquets) with flowers, branches, and greenery from your own yard or garden!

Flowers Apples-Flowers

Seriously, mixing it up is the absolute easiest way to make inexpensive bouquets look just a little bit undone, while still having a finished, luxurious feel (which sounds a lot like Teaselwood's room designs, too, doesn't it?!).

Do you remember I told you I had a secret about where the flowers for the Harvest party (above and below here) came from? Well, my photographer Whitney and I totally raided her beautiful yard and my garden for them! She did the arranging on these.

photo by Whitney Nichols Photography

photo by Whitney Nichols Photography

Ivy, flowering branches, and just about anything else that's growing in your outdoor spaces are fair game - even edibles like kale, potato vines, and herbs.

Trust me, forget about that tired baby's breath - sage and basil are THE BEST with roses!


In addition to Trader Joe's, we always check in at our regular local haunts just to see what's in.

Being able to have fresh flowers around the house is truly one of those 'simple pleasures' in life and a touch of luxurious beauty for our homes that's really accessible when you approach it this way.

Again, it's no big secret, but if I had to point to another 'key ingredient' to getting the Teaselwood look for your own floral arrangements, it would be to use simple containers - like the stoneware pitchers and vessels I design exclusively for Teaselwood -  with fancy flowers. 

Creating that little bit of tension is what makes it interesting and not overly fussy. 

So take out your garden shears and head to your yard the next time you're having a get together or you just want to treat yourself (and your home) to the simple pleasure of fresh flowers!