A Christmas wreath with fresh flowers / by charity buchika

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a wreath girl.

I love something a little unexpected in a wreath - like a Christmas wreath with fresh flowers or even just hanging a wreath somewhere other than the front door.

Remember this wreath tutorial from last Christmas?


And this fall version...

wreath diy

Lately more than ever, I'm very into putting wreaths in unexpected or less expected places around the house and farm.

Of course, I always want one on the front door and I usually keep one on the back door, as well, since we use that more than we use our front door anyway!

But have you thought about your wreath game this holiday season?

 I love a wreath on a mantle at Christmastime. Hanging or propped, I'm in for either.

The back of a dining chair is a favorite spot, as well.

wreath holiday

image via Better Homes and Gardens

On top of a mirror is always a good choice

A Christmas wreath with fresh flowers

 This year, I decided to make one for our front gate.

A Christmas wreath with fresh flowers

It's simple, but I really think that's what's needed on a gate. Anything that feels too precious or fussy would just look out of place here.

A Christmas wreath with fresh flowers

All I did was wire mums and roses, and a few pine and cedar branches plus some random clippings from bushes in my yard onto a grapevine wreath and add a pretty green silk ribbon that we dyed see this post . It probably took me all of 5 minutes to make but I love the way it turned out.

A Christmas wreath with fresh flowers

And I love that it's a little bit non-traditional with a unique color palette and flowers that aren't poinsettias. But the evergreen sprigs make it just right for the holidays. This wreath would even work on a deck railing or propped in the corner of an outdoor bench.

Besides your front door, where will you be putting a wreath this holiday season?

Happy Decorating,


Images: Whitney Nichols Photography